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Bun Bang Fai

Bun Bang Fai

The Bun Bang Fai Rocket Festival of Chiang Mai is an important local event held each year in June. During the festival, locals follow the tradition of giving water offerings to various Buddha images found in the temples throughout northern Thailand in hopes that it would bring rainfall during the wet season.

Three days of water offerings conclude with the festival, which is known locally as Bun Bang Fai.

Bun Bang Fai 2021, Rocket Festival Dates & Address, Chiang Mai Thailand

The best way to experience this unique festival is to head to Huay Tun Tao Lake. Here, hundreds of locals come to the lake to witness a spectacular rocket launching competition, with the best rocket winning a prize of 10,000 baht.

The rocket launches are judged according to height, speed, and trajectory, with competitors from many provinces creating homemade rockets that are nothing short of awe-inspiring to watch.

The contest starts at around 9am and will go on until the very last rocket has been launched. Locals spend a great deal of their time making the rockets by hand and preparing for this festival because winning is a prestigious honour for the village that takes home the prize.

Bun Bang Fai is more than just a unique Chiang Mai event; it helps to culminate and strengthen relationships among the villages, people, and the temples, as they work hand in hand each year. Spectators from all over Thailand come to watch the impressive rocket competition, which is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Even Buddhist monks come to watch the ceremonies as the rockets are launched from their platforms one by one. On average, a single rocket is around 9 meters long and has 20 to 25 kilograms of gunpowder.

Aside from the competition, spectators come to enjoy the many activities, including street theatre, energetic street parades, live music performances, and even beauty competitions.

It is an authentic local festival that you won’t want to miss, offering an authentic experience that is genuinely Chiang Mai.

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