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Mae Salong

Mae Salong is also known as Santikhiri village. It is the epitome of Chinese influence in Thailand, and is nestled in the hilly ranges of Chiang Rai.

The village was initially a settlement area for locals who fled from communist China to moderate Myanmar in the mid-20th century.

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It was not all peaceful in Myanmar as the fleeing locals were forced to relocate again to north Thailand. Here, they slowly rebuilt their lives with the same societal structures they had used back in their homeland China. This explains, to a large extent, the influence of the Chinese in this part of Thailand.

Much of the Mae Salong’s history centred on the purchase and sale of opium. Today, while this may still be present, it is to a small extent. However, the cultural practices of the locals abound to this day. For this reason, Chinese is the prominent language here, and the cuisine is predominantly Chinese as well.

As you would expect, the charm of this village makes it a prime candidate to travel ‘off the beaten track’, yet its allure and stunning setting continue to draw visitors from all over the world. With lots of activities and a culturally rich heritage, you will be spoilt for choice on what to do.

Make sure to visit the Chinese Martyrs’ Memorial Museum which is a tribute to the early settlers; visit the Tomb of General Tuan, a mausoleum of Mae Salong’s founder and drug warlord; and Wat Santikhiri, a large Buddhist temple.

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